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40,000:1 контрастность - 4K разрешение - CMS - REC.709 - HDR
  • 4K projection, thanks to the 3x Full-HD display chips
  • 2 High fidelity video inputs: HDMI 2.0a with HCDP 2.2
  • New "Low Latency Mode" for Gaming, Virtual Reality and Simulation
  • 4K@60Hz, HDR pictures compatibility
  • Accepts 4K inputs up to 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz
  • Bright output: 1800 ANSI Lumens
  • Outstanding 400,000:1 dynamic contrast
  • New RF 3D kit as standard 3D accessories
  • 3D pictures are two times brighter and optimized for 5D screens
  • 1/16 pixel steps color alignment
  • Fully motorized Pro-Grade lens with 5 position memories
  • 4 pre-configured picture profiles and 5 user configurable profiles
  • Advanced calibration menu with CMS
  • RS-232 and RJ-45 LAN control for an easier home integration
  • Very resistant chassis
  • Elegant French design


4K, the Ultra High Definition is now available. This new format is 4 times the definition of that of 1080p Full-HD and produces the sharpest picture ever available, even at the cinema.



The Blackwing Series MK2017 have an unprecedent bright light output for its category. This brightness will be enough for bigger and brighter screens, even with the near coming High Dynamic Range pictures introduced by UHD Blu-ray specifications.



The 400Hz mode, featuring an extra-polating algorithm to calculate with extreme precision the double or triple frame rate interpolation. Movies has never pop out so much before. Enjoy live events and TV shows with a true-to-life!



The exciting "Low Latency Mode", introduced for the first time with the MK2017 Series, that enables a thrilling gaming, Virtual Reality or even Simulation experience possible on large screens.



Thanks to its large zoom range and controlled light output, the Blackwing One MK2017 can accommodate any screen sizes from 60" to 260" diagonal (130 cm to 575 cm wide).

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