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7 канальный процессор с интегрированным усилителем

Cinema Rapture Integrated Controller

Surround Sound Decoding, Preamplification & Power Amplification

The Cinema Rapture is a breakthrough component for ADA as it combines into one chassis, ADA's amazing home cinema processing with an incredible high-performance Class D amplifier technology that is pure ADA magic. The combination of these technologies delivers an uncompromising home cinema experience, in particular for those that always considered an ADA solution outside of their budget.

Based on a high-performance DSP architecture, the Cinema Rapture decodes all the latest Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and Multi-Channel PCM soundtracks found on Blu-ray DVDs. It's dual DSP design also features some of the more advanced functions found on ADA's award winning Suite 7.1 HD and Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV B processors including the multi-band parametric EQ that in addition to providing 12 bands of EQ per channel (8 for the subwoofer channel), also permit the setting of center frequency and Q, making it possible to truly correct room acoustics.

The Cinema Raptures features four HDMI inputs which are fully HDMI 1.4 (3D) capable. There are also four analog audio, four digital coax and two TOS-Link inputs for additional sources. The Cinema Rapture also features a LAN connection for setup, control and integration. There is a low voltage trigger output and an ADA Bus data port.

In addition to the subwoofer line-level output, the Cinema Rapture features a seven-channel high-powered amplifier stage that is based on ADA's own Class-D design. Engineered by Albert Langella, the Class-D modules are fully self-contained with only passive circuitry on the main board. Dissatisfied with numerous off-the-shelf Class-D amplifier modules deployed by so many other amplifier manufacturers, Langella based his design off of the latest chip-sets in a distinctly unique approach. The end result is a powerful amplifier capable of providing 150 Watts per channel on an 8 Ohm load and 300 Watts per channel on a 4 Ohm load. Running cool and wonderfully efficient, the Cinema Rapture sets the bar for performance when it comes to integrated controllers or AV receivers. \

  • Dolby TrueHD & DTS HD Master Audio
  • Multi-Channel (192KHz/24 Bit) PCM Audio
  • Multi-Channel Parametric EQ
  • Full 7.1 EX/ES, THX Ultra 2, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS Neo 6
  • 4 HDMI Inputs (HDMI 1.4 3D Capable)
  • 4 Stereo Analog Audio Inputs
  • 4 Digital Audio Coaxial Inputs
  • 2 TOS-Link Optical Digital Audio Inputs
  • Line-Level Subwoofer Output
  • 7 Channels Amplified Output
  • 150 W/Ch @ 8Ω, 300 W/Ch @ 4 Ω
  • Rear Panel Ethernet Connection (ADA Net)
  • Low Voltage Output Triggers
  • Setup for either 115V or 230V Operation
  • 36 lbs 5.25"H x 19"W x 13"D

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